This is a selection of projects from a three-month internship with Caava Design in San Diego, between my first and second years of grad school.
When I'm working on personal projects, I translate the materials around me (books, clementines, string) into whatever form makes sense.
The problem-solving that goes into creating my crazier projects is not so different from the problem-solving that goes into reimagining a logo, or fitting a pile of predetermined visual information into three spreads - it remains a translation of ideas from one form to the next.
Project 1: Portside holding page design, desktop and mobile
Project 2: Ketch full website design (built from existing framework). Catch this online at http://www.ketchgrillandtaps.com!
Project 3: Urbanlife Cafe logo - integrates existing Urbanlife logo with coffee ring.
spotted on Yelp!
Project 4: The Sower - I fit a new season's news and imagery into the publication's existing framework (and streamlined the typographical system a bit by standardizing type sizes across the spreads and adding a baseline grid). 
Project 5: Environmental graphics proposal - thinking on a large scale was a new experience for me, and it was a lot of fun. 
Red right returning to the sea!
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