This is a map of my daily commute to school.
I'm terrible at visualizing geographical maps. When I bike through Boston, I move between familiar points with little awareness of how they fit together. My goal for this "map" was to depict navigation with no sense of direction. It maps a mental journey through a physical space.
The spoke-like words represent possible thoughts. The concentric circles describe geographical features along the way, so the path outward along the spokes (towards school, 808 Commonwealth Ave.) is punctuated by city textures that interrupt the chain of thoughts ("jolt over T tracks," or "steep downhill"). 
The mental "path" to school is rarely the same, so the discs can be manipulated to align new ideas. Although I supplied the words based on my own associations, once the project was finished I asked my studiomates to line up their mental paths. This revealed all sorts of unexpected associations, and sometimes new information about my studiomates.
Below is an earlier draft specific to my own thought patterns. (Colors mark the origins of thoughts.)
purple = randomly generated
green = generated by my environment
light blue = related by sound
turquoise = related by meaning
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