Apocalyptic Orange Juice
The music alternates between a consistent, plodding voice and a wilder show-off-crazy-noises-the-clarinet-can-make voice. I paired the plain version of my footage (white background, normal speed) with the plodding music, and created faster, weirder, darker clips to go with the wild clarinet interruptions. 
As I worked with the footage, I started to think of it as a sort of eerie disintegration of the "normal" orange peeling as the blue/black/x-ray world becomes more prominent. As the video progresses, more hints of the x-ray world seep into all aspects of the footage.
Music - Dancing Solo: Flat Out, by Libby Larsen. Performed by Caroline Hartig
Unburning paper strips! (performative drawing, created for a drawing class)
This was made in After Effects by individually tracing the motion paths of the major joints/body parts of a pair of dancers performing a pas de deux from Christopher Wheeldon's Alice in Wonderland.
Happy Mother's Day!
Animated card for my wonderful mom - petals on a scanner
I had a lot of fun choosing this music. I went with something that felt sweet and cheerful (Holst, St. Paul's Suite) but I accidentally discovered a couple ways to make this animation seem pretty ominous along the way. Flower petals with tinny music box music evoke a sort of horror-story vibe, as it turns out, as does just about anything with a heartbeat.
Fun with blending modes. Layered documentation footage of my book of photos of book pages, and a home for the tinny music-box soundtrack.
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