For “Underline” exhibition with Radius Collective at MIDWAY ARTIST STUDIOS, BOSTON

Risograph posters with audio
Printing: Dessauer Press, Berlin
Audio edits: Massimiliano Cerioni
What shapes our experience of a conversation? Underneath the words, timing can render an interaction inviting or exclusive, engaging or sluggish. Do we speak simultaneously in enthusiastic support? Do we wait to jump in?

I find it comforting that our sense of fitting into a conversation sometimes just comes down to expected pause length—something strongly influenced by culture, but not of much moral/ideological significance.

Speech/Pattern is a study of the pauses in a facetime call with my family—the source of my own cultural orientation around conversation timing.

I made one poster per voice, each spanning the final two minutes of the same call, with neon pink bars to indicate the pauses. An audio recording of the original call plays through the headphones.


A Solution Without A Problem

For “kinetic” published by Colliding Lines, UK

“A Solution Without A Problem” is a poem by Cleo P. Henry, which I was invited to visually interpret.

To me, the second half of the poem seems like a contradiction or revision of the first idea. The speaker’s desire begins as “I want easy money” but later becomes “I only want the train to take you wherever I am.”

I loved the phrase “each surface / a greedy palimpsest.” I used it as a guide; the second half of the poem becomes a layered revision, placed on top of the of the first, which also allows a nod to Cleo’s post-it note reference.



For “align” exhibition with Radius Collective at Produce Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX

Digital sketches, multilayer paper installation

Production assistance + photography: William Haig and Josh Duttweiler
We are the accumulation of our thoughts. They collect and dissipate, refracted through memory. Recording them is a form of alignment with ourselves, but as we change, the accuracy of their narrative changes too.

Accumulation is an ongoing bedtime ritual. Each captured phrase connects to the experience of living through the day, and each resulting six-sided form reframes its content. Together, these memories create an intricate, illegible cloud, the original sentiments obscured but not erased.

The installation has two layers: the translucent sheet and handwriting compositions (mostly illegible) can be lifted to reveal the original text and date. Viewers are invited to gently interact.

2024 Note: I still make these on my ipad each  night, and I now have over 1000—a larger-scale installation is on my exhibition wish list.


Between the Lines

exhibition “Between the lines” at The National Museum, Mari El Republic, Russia

Collaborators: Daria Nikolaeva(lead) + Vaishnavi Kumar

”Yoshkar-Ola Unformatted” Newspaper
MarPravda Newspaper
Exhibition text excerpt:

Nikolai Repin (1937–2009) belongs to the list of recognized local Mari poets who wrote in Russian. His poetry represents reflections on his real experiences as a soldier, as well as imagined episodes of wartime life. National museum archives have collected about 50 of his creations: a small fraction of his life’s work. Most of the Nikolai Repin manuscripts have been tragically lost. 

With the goal of re-examining Nikolai Repin’s poetry, and through this process, celebrating Mari culture, the collaborators (led by Repin’s granddaughter, Daria) discussed the conceptual themes and repeating elements of Repin’s work, as well as the liminal, lost-in-translation moments that emerged as the poetry shifted between languages.

This process resulted in the curation and development of seven unique pieces. Several are interactive and aim to evoke a conversation about local identity, culture, and language. All reflect metaphors and ideas from Nikolai Repin’s poetry.

Between the Lines is not meant to be a perfect reflection of Mari culture, but rather a way of honoring it by exploring Nikolai Repin’s work, filtered across generations, continents, and varied artistic approaches. We hope these “translations” are a way for you to approach his work—to notice the connections between his words and your own experiences, to acknowledge Mari culture and the world Repin inhabited, and to read between the lines.


You Are Here

For Lines Through, a project with Radius Collective

Read the accompanying essay

30 short animations, compiled
Filmed in West Addison, Vermont
You Are Here is a meditation on displacement and impermanence, inspired by an unexpected move from NYC to  Vermont. Watch closely as each cottage kitchen vessel empties of its little piece of Lake Champlain.

Featured as album art for Robert Honstein's Middle Ground. 2020.

Included with AR components and an essay in Radius Collective’s publication, Lines Through, 2021, which was selected for the Sounds About Riso showcase, NY, 2022.

Included in Between the Lines exhibition at the National Museum of Mari El Republic, Russia. 2021.