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Teaching philosophy:

I design the kind of classes I would like to take: precise and supportive frameworks for creative exploration.  

I believe in making “bad” work and making lots of work—eliminating the pressure to start with a single perfect solution—so my assignments are structured with multiple rounds of iteration, (print) tests, and works-in-progress critiques. We also explore a range of approaches, from restricted to open-ended, giving students the chance to reflect on what works for their personal creative process.

While I offer rigorous feedback, especially on typography, my goal is for the students to establish their own culture of discourse; they are already among their future colleagues and collaborators. I strive to shape an environment with space for many kinds of contributions, even from quiet people (like me). 

I’m actively involved in design and art communities in Berlin and beyond. I invite guests for talks and workshops, plan field trips, and encourage students to engage, on campus and off.
So far I’ve taught seven classes at the University of Europe in Berlin, across BA and MA programs.

Some highlights & related links:

My Design & Innovation class collaborated with the Special Olympics of Germany to create an installation in Alexanderplatz.

I organized guest lectures by artist Kristen Mallia, a publication design workshop with Anja Lutz of A-Z Studio, and a visit to Common Imprint Asian art book reading room.

I designed and led a one-week intensive workshop exploring the “language” of Berlin, culminating in mini-thesis presentations and collaborative installation (“Stille Post”) on UE campus.

I see type everywhere I go now and pay attention to it. I love it. This had to be my favorite class in the semester because it was very hands-on and we recieved lots of feedback.
- Lauren

I learned that there is no such thing as being “too extra” as long as you have a good idea and the means to be able to complete it.
- Sebastian

I loved the environment of the class and the peer review sessions. They helped me train my eyes to see improvements and also gave me the courage to present my work to other people, even if I am not 100% confident in my piece.
- Oriana

The main thing I take away from this course is to set aside more time to experiment. Going forward, I will continue to work on iteration projects by myself...All in all, one of the best classes I have had at the University of Europe.
- Kaare
In the beginning of this class, I was more insecure and scared to share my opinion, but I'm really proud of myself that now I'm able to do that in public because Molly always encourages us to do so. I always felt included.
- Supharang
The 30-day challenge was the first project which I designed all by myself. It is a pure reflection of what I thought was best. It helped me become more confident in my skills, my ideas and my decisions.
- Stella

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the things I learned in this class (orphans).
- Sofija

I loved “breaking” rules in type and design. This class was one that allowed me to
use my creativity to the fullest.
- Maral

A bit of a revelation I had since the beginning of the semester is that Communication Design means more than just Editorial or Corporate Design. There is so much on the artsy-er side...there is a completely different kind of satisfaction involved.

This class was a fantastic mix of fun and work, of
freedom and organization and it truly felt like I was part of something bigger than myself.
- Greta
In the beginning, a lot of restrictions on assignments frightened me, but what they actually taught me is that the more restrictions you have, the clearer your ideas will be. They are not your borders, but more like hints that give your creativity a little bit more structure.
- Yanina